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Food4Health apps are everything you need and more when planning a healthy and delicious meal for yourself, your family and friends.

These days nearly all of us are searching for ways to lead healthier lifestyles. An essential part of this is, of course, a healthy diet. The motivation to eat healthily can arise out of specific circumstances, such as becoming pregnant or being overweight; whilst some individuals require a drastic overhaul of their diets as a result of being diagnosed with Diabetes. Whether you have special dietary needs or just feel like eating healthily, Food4Health apps will provide you with all the inspiration you need!

Browse through recipes one by one or use the Main Menu to quickly select your favorite foods. Not a fan of spicy food? Short on time? Or looking for a truly mouthwatering vegetarian dish? No problem- just use one of our recipe filters to narrow the search. Our recipes also display clear nutritional values, meaning you know exactly what you're eating.

Ready to get started? Then just set the cooking mode with an integrated stopwatch which displays the whole recipe and shopping list. Need help with the preparation methods? Just click the video button and see for yourself by watching one of our easy to follow preparation videos- added to specially selected recipes!

Diabetes Cookbook

Diabetes 2 Cookbook

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Diabetes 3 Cookbook

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Wellness cooking

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The demand for a healthy diet is growing and growing. This need is particularly acute for Diabetics, who face both nutritional and culinary challenges every single day. This cooking application offers forty delicious and healthy recipes suitable for Diabetics, making it easier than ever before to balance taste and nutritional imperatives.

This second edition of the Diabetes Cookbook expands your collection of recipes suitable for Diabetics and includes 40 new recipes for yet more nutritious inspirations.

This third edition of the Diabetes Cookbook expands your repertoire of Diabetic- friendly recipes and includes 40 new mouthwatering and nutritious inspirations. In combination with the first and second editions, this brings your total collection up to 120 recipes!

Wellness Cooking provides you with more than 80 recipes based on the Mediterranean lifestyle, inspiring you to eat more heathy fats. These recipes predominantly focus on fresh vegetables, fish, nuts and seeds.

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